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Image by Samuel Ramos

Silent stars twinkle against absence

Filling voids they've lost inside themselves.

Eyes bore them down, fearful of existence.

Little tendrils drag them close, begging for their power.

Every selfish crave pressed upon them, devouring their purpose.

Until there was nothing left but traces of glittering dust.

In mourning, some flee the chaos of wishes.

Only to find their plummeting husk hold more value.

And so the children snuff themselves out.

Hiding in the nothingness of the humanity that sought them

Constellations nothing more than words of amusement.

They will only return for the selfless

And you my dear, aren't

Falling Star
Miscellaneous Collection

His shadow gleamed behind him

seeing hers so small

In comparison her was dim

but her healthy façade would let them fall

While they were happy with smiles

Their shadows entered

a dangerous courtship

She sent her love across miles and miles

Her little shadow ready

to devour his script

He accepted it all without delay

His shadow thinking it had the upper hand

They wanted one another to stay

but her shadow made its stand.

She knew she couldn't keep ith together

as her shadow bled with ink

he held on to their tether

his shadow, letting it all sink

Inner Demons
Miscellaneous Collection

Don't let them step on you.

Stand up for yourself always.

But as soon as I rebel,

as I tell them I'm treated wrong,

I'm threatened.

I could lose everything  

I'm shown that I'm easily replaced.

So I kept my head down,

let the tears soak the ground

beneath me.

And waited to light the matches,

to bring it all down

Miscellaneous Collection

My greatest weakness is a song.

A siren mistress

in thrall with the bass

the beat in my very chest.

I melt away until I'm nothing but 

the melody

swaying to the rhythm

breathing in each instrument

until there's nothing left

but music

Miscellaneous Collection

I fell in love with the wrong phrase.

I thought too much on how to speak

because a djinn will always win.

I'm so tired of making material wishes.

I wish money would come my way.

I wish my car worked or I had a new one

I wish I had a significant other

I wish I found my soulmate

I wish I had better grades

I wish-

I'm done with wishes

With asking someone who isn't listening

to help me get the things that I can do myself.

I will not bow down and beg anyone for anything.

I'll stand on my own

Carve my own way

Be my own hope.

But I still love the phrase 

So maybe I can listen to you

Perhaps your wish will come true

Miscellaneous Collection

The trees are a mile high,

leaves so bright and translucent

the light that reaches the floor glows.

Her summer dress, crème and aged lace flowing

dancing around her knees

drops of delicacy on her shoulders.

Silk auburn hair

curves along shoulder blades, 

framing almond-olive toned heart

face where sky whirlpools are alight

with life.

Lotus and lilacs dance around her head

emerald stems intertwined

petals kiss her forehead.

Black and raspberries stain plump lips

hiding a lily smile.

Her arms outstretched as she twirls and twirls

Small beads of crimson trace them

where the trees said their hellos.

Her feet, slippers of dust and dirt,

grass leaving quiet screams on her skin

as she dances past.

Unfamiliar Language
Miscellaneous Collection

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