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Collection of Sua Snippets

Sua Stories: Press

Meeting Raine

Sua stared at her mother with wide ember eyes as her parents came home from the hospital. Fire bristled at the tips of her hair, her excitement escaping her as she was finally an older sister. Sua had been the baby of the family for a hundred years, saddened by her siblings growing up and leaving her behind. She now had someone to keep her company. Xullbryn held the infant out for her to hold. “What’s her name?” 

“Raine. It has been raining since she was born and the minute it stops, she cries and it will start again. She’s a water wytch.” Their mother smiled at them warmly.

“I thought infants weren’t that strong?” Sua looked into her mother's face, concern building in her chest.

“Not usually, we will have to keep an eye on her.” Jördin put his hand on his daughter's shoulder, smiling down on his youngest from above. “Sua, darling, your hair is on fire.” He chuckled, pulling a strand away from the bairn.

“Dad!” She yelled at him shaking her head quickly to extinguish the flames. The front door flew open and Sua hugged the baby closer to her chest. Aria stood in the doorway, her army jacket open to reveal a black tank-top, pants tucked into her boots.

“Is this her? What is she? Oh my gods, mom, she’s so cute!” The elder sister cried as she crossed into the living room. Raine cried out in joy as air rustled the little wisps of hair on her head. 

“I helped too ya know.” Their father frowned as his youngest son, Terran, emerged from the family’s apothecary room in the back of the house. “Her name is Raine.”

“I’ll make her an oil as a birthday present.” Terran rubbed his index finger across her cheek and she grabbed it with those tiny hands.

“Terran, you make us all one.” Aria, his twin put her fist on her hip and laughed at him.

“But, I’m going to make the scent of rain for her.” He pressed his thumb on the back of Raine’s hand, letting her know he was there. “I’ve never made a scent so difficult.” Sua narrowed her eyes at her older siblings, she wanted to be the one to dote on the infant the most, she wanted to be the favorite big sister, as childish as it sounded. Aria was amazing, always considerate, always there for you if you needed something even if she was half the world away. Kytka almost never visited. She was so busy trying to fix the world, to bring back endangered plants, that she forgot she had a home to return to until their mother yelled at her. Sekka had been a sweet cold that Sua never knew how to handle, by the time she died Sua still hadn’t formed a solid opinion on the girl.

“It’s time for her to rest guys.” Xullbryn took the infant back, laughing at her other children. Sua reluctantly gave her back. Aria gave Sua a hug, having just gotten back from a deployment. Sua never understood why she bothered to get involved in the human affairs in such a way. She was a good soldier though. Sua was excited that she and little Raine were so strong from the get go. Sua was the only fire wytch she had ever heard of that had flaming hair and fireball tears. Their parents never let the council find out about those tears. 

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