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Collection of Xullbryn Snippets

Xullbryn Stories: Press

Fae Lights

Autumn had left its mark as Samhain was merely hours away. Xullbryn had been spending time in Caelus De Veneficia to prepare for the flux of people as most wytches crossed over to celebrate their ancestors when the veil between was thinnest. She made her way to her family’s tomb, cleaning and setting up candles as she went. Her dark auburn curls fell into her view each time she placed the various colored wax in a low spot. Her dark blue eyes glittered in the low light like black sapphires.

A knock on the iron doors had her slowly turning to find her best friend of fifty years smiling at her. “I’ve always wondered why Samhain was such an event for the Ousseps.” He leaned against the frame, a smirk splayed across his face. Jördin Sibille watched as she finished lighting all the candles. His dirty-blond hair cast small shadows across his face.

“It’s important to everyone, why do you think there’s so many people here?” She laughed, taking in the way his grey-green eyes followed her every move.

“They got bored? We needed to repair the sky?” He offered stupid ideas to coax a laugh from her. When it didn’t work he pouted, “The way you do it is so...different from the rest of us.”

“We were the first, so it’s important to us. You know that.” She narrowed her eyes at him, waiting for his inevitable joke.

“Yes princess, I know that much. You guys go all out for the living, no one else does that.”

“I’m not a princess. We also honor Hecate as well as our ancestors. It’s the last harvest of the season.” She motioned to the food she had packed.

“Do you think she would come?” He noted the quizzical brow she rose, “To celebrate with us?”

“Us? Since when were you celebrating with me?” She led him from the tomb and stopped dead in her tracks as she found the area filled with raindrops that refused to fall. She looked to him with baited breath. The sky rippled as the veil opened and fae lights blossomed into being above their heads. A soft wind floated the scent and petals of jasmine to the two of them and lotus bloomed around them.

“Since I wanted to be your husband.”

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