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The word majiks spelled with the elements

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cover for Chaos Divine
back pack with Majiks cover

Dark Fantasy novella is up and ready! Follow Eris as she joins Fasinarè


A backpack? Some hoodies? Maybe even a water bottle? (currently in design process)


Come fall in love with the crazy. First chapter available to read here!


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March 3rd, 2024

Raye Morris is extremely proud and excited to share her latest work Chaos Divine: Eris. A companion novella full of spicy adventure. This is a dark fantasy that is not for the feint of heart.

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"Her majik writhed in this place. It was everywhere, breathing and yet suffocating. It was water and then it was not. Maybe it had always been like this and I had never been clear headed enough to notice. But when the city hum faded away into the retreating skyline, when the trees took over and we were left with ourselves, she was all I could feel."

Raye Morris (Mikhail's POV)

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