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I grabbed a pen

for it to turn to lead

pressing down into my hand

my fingers numb with the weight

All I want is to write

get these pictures in my head

onto a page as beautiful words

convincing passages

acceptable lies

needed truths

I grabbed a pen only for it to turn to lead

too heavy to lift

again, I'll get no writing done...

Lead Pen
Writer's Life Collection

Has someone repeated your name 

just to get a taste for it?

to devour it over and over,

find every flavor hidden in the sound,

until you fit their pallet?

Until your name became the craving 

that drove them mad?

Have you watched someone taste your name

and wanted more?

Tasting a Name
Lovesick Collection

You're like the tide

incessantly crashing on the shore,

in a moment of insanity.

hoping with each movement,

you're either washed up on the sand

or lulled into the depths of the ocean.

You ask for that cold embrace like it'll return

you to the land of the living

Tide of the Mind
Depression Collection

I woke with the sun, 

but it was not from sleep

That I escaped.

I woke with the summer sky,

but it was not from a broken heart

that I arose.

I woke from a clouded mind, 

As depression fell into slumber,

realization rang clear.

I was free of the chains 

from the me that surfaces when I blink

Today, I can exist happily

I Awoke
Depression Collection

All I feel is despair

as it turns to ash on my tongue.

Every dream, every hope

held in a noose of spider silk.

Words get stuck in my throat

before they can manifest

their value deemed useless.

Ineffective, unnecessary, uncalled for.

And I am nothing more than

an unsaid conversation

held together by sparkling thread.

Depression Collection

Love is not a light emotion

It's heavy and dark

with nigh-time florals

and aether musk

Raindrops and stardust.

It reminds you that there's more 

more to life

more to the mundane

more to beauty.

Love is not a light emotion.

It's not the winter sun

Not the empty moon

Nor is it a tickling breeze 

of a springtime air.

It's heavy

In the way joy makes you burst at the seams

It's heavy 

In the way it pulls you to and fro like the tide

It's heavy

In the way it poisons you against reason

Love is not a light emotion

So do not take it with a light grip.

Do not accept it from a light mind,

hold it with heavy hands

and love with a heavy heart.

Love Scent
Lovesick Collection

Your love is so quiet

that I often can't hear.

So quiet that I can't feel

the whisper on my neck.

I'm unable to notice the

soft touches of affection.

I need you to be louder

for I don't speak silence.

Lovesick Collection

Writers block born of depression.

Original inspiration holds not interest

Death of a muse makes it harder

to lose oneself in the music

pages pile up in your head

by feeling alone

but the words don't come

Can't focus on a paragraph

can't focus on a scene



Writer's Life Collection

Silent stars twinkle against absence

Filling voids they've lost inside themselves.

Eyes bore them down, fearful of existence.

Little tendrils drag them close, begging for their power.

Every selfish crave pressed upon them, devouring their purpose.

Until there was nothing left but traces of glittering dust.

In mourning, some flee the chaos of wishes.

Only to find their plummeting husk hold more value.

And so the children snuff themselves out.

Hiding in the nothingness of the humanity that sought them

Constellations nothing more than words of amusement.

They will only return for the selfless

And you my dear, aren't

Falling Star
Miscellaneous Collection

I flirt with suicide

like I haven't had a hundred lovers

Lean into its embrace to tease, 

only to step away with scars on my skin

Scars on my mind

An intimate dance

An intimate quarrel

Screaming on the edge 

Trying to escape the pounding my head

The thrum in my veins,

that looks for any opening

begs for me to let it see the moonlight

I shouldn't court suicide.

Worst Flirt
Depression Collection

My soul wears

a psychotic smile

so be careful when you 

look into my eyes

The mercury tears

aren't to hid it

because the madness







Mercury Tears
Depression Collection

I came running to you

with ice in my veins

fire on my skin

I forgot how to breathe

as you watched me succumb to the pain.

No Help
Depression Collection

Is it really that hard to look at me?

Are you incapable of speaking to me?

Of my creations

of my ideas

of my dreams

I want your feedback

I want your praise

I want your criticism

Your realism...

I'm tired of wading through placations

I'm tired of drowning in a sea of silence

I'm tired of burning in rejcetions

Writer's Life Collection

What does it mean to want to be somewhere?

What does it mean when you look at your dreams

and you just...

wonder why...

wonder what then?

Why dream at all, what will you gain?

It's not a question of if or when you'll gain it

when you'll make it


then what?

Why did you want it in the first place?

Aside from money, aside from fame, aside from prestige

What do you get for yourself?


How long does satisfaction last?

And is it worth it?

What Do Dreams Mean?
Writer's Life Collection

If you keep giving me time

your absence will no longer 

cause me sadness.

But in doing so

you'll stop bringing me joy.

Warning or Reminder
I'll be Alright
Depression Collection

Does my name resonate in your head?


Do you daydream of us?


Do you get so consumed with adoration that you feel like a wave trapped in a human body?

When I call your name, my voice full of affection, does it make you smile?

Do you love me in the ways I love you?

Do You Love Me Like I love You?
Lovesick Collection

There are blissful days in which I forget

Forget how much self hatred is contained in this heart of mine.

Days I Forget
Depression Collection

Fractured light filters

through cresting waves.

Stars fall in open waters

as salt torn throats sing.

Laments that infuse your soul 

with deafening cold

a yearning for life so pure,

you offer yours in retribution.

Odes to those left behind on shore

for they were forced to watery grave

Melodies that ripple across miles,

turning to sung whispers

Echoes that sink rather than skip

until all is asunder

Majikly Inhuman Collection

I have fallen into the abyss,

so deep I could no longer see.

but I always find myself

back on the edge,

facing the other way.

I have tripped into my thoughts

so violently I come away

with scraped knees,

the flesh of my palms

broken and bleeding.

but my blood runs black

because I stared for too long

Depression Collection

Her lips were stained

with the blood of roses

velvet sapphire eyes

poured out oceans

A creature of the earth 

trapped and bound in the city scape

Man made stars devour the soul

Of majik born entities

lost in the throws of society

Death of Majik
Majikly Inhuman Collection

My greatest weakness is a song.

A siren mistress

in thrall with the bass

the beat in my very chest.

I melt away until I'm nothing but 

the melody

swaying to the rhythm

breathing in each instrument

until there's nothing left

but music

Miscellaneous Collection

I travers the loom of life

with an unanchored thread.

So with each decision

I watch my tapestry unravel.

Depression Collection

A creature born into mortal flesh,

soul older than written word,

tied to her earthly prison

with no control

This life the pentacle of her past selves

and they all meld together

At summer end with oldest star

war upon us near and far

secrets awaken 

lives will be taken

human and fae 

majik be as it may

Fae Side
Majikly Inhuman Collection

The streets are flooded

with the rosé of the setting sun

And I'm drunk on thoughts

of suicide

Lost Thoughts
Depression Collection