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If Walls Could Talk

Collection of Shorts

Since these are prequel stories, do you need to read them first? Not at all! The material in this collection will not hold any answers to novel secrets.

*These are unedited snippets. They are unrefined and what is considered first draft material

Snippets: Press

“How did the job go?” Chisanu Binnya asked as though he thought nothing of the inappropriateness of discussing such a topic in the current situation. He entered my circle of deflection, finding refuge from the fierce downpour of rain, and steam rose on all sides to shroud us. The funeral was close to finishing as all the mourners watched the younger daughter sob and lose further control of her water majik.

Mikhail had lurked around an Anunnaki estate for years before his friends convinced him to inhabit it. They were safe houses used by angels on missions that kept them from Kiri for long periods of time. This led to the Seriphs knowing where to find him when a lost gumiho needed to be assigned assistance. The angels’ primary objective was to keep balance. Not between any perceived good or evil but a balance of creation. They were supposed to keep caelestes and majikal items from extinction, keep history makers around for their chapters, and any other errand the Fates thought to extend to them.


Autumn had left its mark as Samhain was merely hours away. Xullbryn had been spending time in Caelus De Veneficia to prepare for the flux of people as most wytches crossed over to celebrate their ancestors when the veil between was thinnest. She made her way to her family’s tomb, cleaning and setting up candles as she went. Her dark auburn curls fell into her view each time she placed the various colored wax in a low spot. Her dark blue eyes glittered in the low light like black sapphires.

Snippets: Work
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