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Updated: Jun 20

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Excerpt: "He's under my skin . . .

After Katmere, I shouldn't be surprised by anything. Including the existence of a world beyond my world called the Shadow Realm. Yet here I am, stuck in a strange, dangerous place with the worst of the supernaturals, the monster that other monsters fear: Hudson Vega. He might be Jaxon's brother and ridiculously hot, but he's a complete bona fide pain in my ass.

The question is whether we'll find a way out before I kill him . . . or run out of time.

She's stealing my heart . . .

It's a truth universally known—at least according to Grace—that everything is my fault. But I have a nasty suspicion that Grace isn't as human as she thinks, and she's the one keeping us trapped. Now we'll have to work together not only to survive, but to save all those we've come to call family who live here.

Because there's something connecting us. Something stronger than fear . . . and way more bloody dangerous."

My Rambles: So this is the first time (I think) that I have read out of publishing order. I'm glad she did make this one, so we know what happened but I think it should have been before Crush so we could really understand how devastating it was for Hudson. I also admit I like their relationship better and wonder if Jaxon was the "second chance" mate and that's why his thread was a gradient color. I almost feel like this one was better written but idk if I'm just used to her now. So when looking at her site, it says that Charm can be read any time after crave, which, yes it can if she hadn't included the epilogue. So I'm a little miffed about that. I think it would have ended perfectly with his chapter opening into the realization that Grace couldn't remember anything, leading us into Crush. There were some really good quips in this one that had me giggling to myself at work.

Recommend: 5/10

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