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Updated: Jun 20

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Excerpt: "The sensational conclusion to the massive #1 New York Times bestselling series…

It’s been over three months since my friends and I took down Cyrus. Three months where my biggest fear was what paper was due next... But I should have known it was too good to last. Now everything is falling apart.

The Vampire Court has no king, the Dragon Court has no heart, and the Gargoyle Court has me—a teenager in way over her head. And it’s the worst possible timing, because a threat is brewing just as the Circle is collapsing.

I have no choice but to return to the Shadow Realm and face the terrifying queen who nearly ended us…and make a deal with her to save Mekhi. But this time, I’m bringing my powerful friends with me—and Hudson. Except something is wrong with him, too. He’s keeping a secret—even from me.

All I know is that everyone’s life hangs in the balance. And it’s my fault—because I still owe the Crone a favor...and now she’s come to collect."

My Rambles: This(overall story not book) is clearly not finished... I really didn't like this one. Too much seemed pointless or not thought through. Also way too fast. We really should have had a chapter dedicated to Grace and Heather making up, especially considering her role in this one. Macy's parents should have been there for her, everyone knows keeping your head down doesn't work. I don't really understand why Imogen wanted to plan everything for Grace either, if it were a ploy to garner ties maybe but didn't seem the case. I will never understand the gods not being honest, fully honest about stuff. There's no reason to be cryptic at this point. The curator was cool, def needs the help though. I get that they almost died but like...go find the tree again and get the lake water now that you know what you need. Keep that promise. In theory, it's not hard. But nooooo, we can never again get the stuff -.- stupid. Also, binding the crone and blood letter back together, isn't going to end the war. Therefore the story isn't over. I know there's supposed to be a side storyline with Izzy and Remy but still, main crew isn't done. This also proved my Izzy didn't matter thought from the last book. Part of me hates that the books are pretty and I want to buy them especially cause at the moment I have no desire to reread the series.

Recommend: 4/10

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