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Crescent Moon

Times Read: 5+

Excerpt: "Mahiru Shiraishi has an uncanny ability to bring good luck to everyone she touches—except herself. She's constantly haunted by a recurring nightmare that ushers her to a dreamworld. There, she encounters a tribe of demons—a werewolf, vampire, fox and bat—called the Lunar Race. Destiny calls when they need her help to recover their source of power, the stolen "Teardrops of the Moon". In this fantast adventure, Mahiru must battle the rage between the human race and the Lunar Race, whose powers are awakened by the dark side of the moon."

My Rambles: I remember when I was younger I always tried to imagine the tune to the song that is talked about in this. I enjoyed the song because it's one of the story telling types. I enjoyed the characters immensely and how they worked together even though they were so different.

Recommend: 6/10

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