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First Character Interview

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Raye Morris: Alright guys, we have some questions for you today.

Aayla: Did we really sign up for this though?

Raine: Aayla! Be nice.

Aayla: I am, it was just a question. *rolls eyes*

Raye Morris: You didn't get a choice. *laughs* Anyways, I'll ask you guys some questions and I want everyone to answer.

Kahmran: How many are you wanting us to do?

Raye Morris: We will start with 5

Kahmran: Start with?

Raye Morris: Yes there will be more in the future. First Question! Do you have a criminal record?

Raine: No.

Aayla: That didn't exist for me.

Kahmran: Maybe, honestly can't remember if I ended up with one when I turned or not.

Mikhail: By human standards, no. The Seraphs think otherwise.

Raine: Who are the Seraphs?

Mikhail: I will explain at another time.

Maho: My family has been disgraced but we aren't viewed as criminals.

Yangin: I'm labeled as a murder by my family but it is a false accusation.

Alex: Yes.

Aayla: Elaborate. *stares intently at him*

Alex: I'd rather not. *nods and looks away*

Raine: Oh no, you have to tell us!

Aayla: Please.

Kahmran: Come on, tell'em *smirks*

Alex: You guys are so mean.

Maho: Tell us hyung!

Alex: I have a variety of traffic violations and a warrant out for my arrest in another state. We were on a job and it went sideways and we can't exactly explain that we were chasing a caeles and that's why we were speeding, running lights, almost driving people off the road.

Raye Morris: That's fantastic. *chuckles* Alright, next question-

Kahmran: Wait, where are the minions?

Aayla: They have names.

Kahmran: You don't like him either!

Raine: They are covering at work so I can be here.

Raye Morris: What do you have in your pockets?

Raine: Phone, chapstick, and wallet.

Aayla: I don't have pockets

Kahmran: Phone and a good attitude.

Raine: Is that why you're such a-

Kahmran: Bingo, get the girl a prize. *frowns at her*

Mikhail: If I remember it, my phone.

Alex: Phone and wallet.

Maho: Phone.

Yangin: Phone, license, cash.

Raye Morris: Not as exciting as hoped but that's fine. Third question: What is your favorite food?

Mikhail: Fried chicken.

Raine: Mmm soy garlic flavor.

Mikhail: Or spicy.

Raine: I'm hungry, but mine would have to be-

Aayla: Pasta

Raine: I like more than just that though!

Aayla: You eat it the most though.

Raine: But-

Kahmran: Shush, your turn has passed. I miss Lau chingri.

Maho: What's that?

Kahmran: It's a butternut squash and shrimp soup like dish that is served with rice.

Raine: Oh! You've told me about that one! It sounds really yummy.

Aayla: I miss my mom's biryani...

Alex: Philly Cheesesteaks.

Maho: Osam bulgogi.

Alex: Was that the spicy squid and pork thing?

Maho: Yeah!

Alex: You should make that one again.

Yangin: Burgers.

Raine: Tacos, my favorite is actually tacos.

Raye Morris: No more fussing *eyeing Aayla and Kahmran* Fourth question: What is your most treasured possession?

Raine: *inhales*

Aayla and Kahmran: The library doesn't count as a whole.

Raine: *pouts*

Kahmran: Her comb. It's why I've carried with me this long.

Aayla: Aww~

Alex: My laptop.

Raine: I didn't know you even had one.

Alex: Well, when your around I don't have much time to use it.

Raine: Fair point. Mine is my cello, after my books of course.

Alex: We should play together more, I've been itching to play the guitar in your music room.

Raine: That could be fun *smiles softly*

Yangin: A drop of sunlight that Raine helped me put into a vial. I like being able to have a representation of my progress.

Maho: My chopsticks, they were a gift from my parents before I left.

Aayla: The dress Raine got me!

Mikhail: I treasure the people around me more than any item at my disposal.

Raine: You can be no fun sometimes, you know that?

Mikhail: Items were not held with much value in my upbringing. I apologize.

Raine and Aayla: Ugh!

Raye Morris: *covering laughter* Alright today's final question: What makes you laugh?

Kahmran: Her face *points at Raine*

Raine: Why are you so rude?

Kahmran: I'm honest, there's a difference.

Aayla: Watching them bicker makes my heart smile.

Maho: Being tickled...

Alex and Mikhail: *points at Raine*

Raine: Am I joke to you guys?? *voices raises in pitch*

Mikhail: Puns? I enjoy those.

Raine: Innuendos, always.

Yangin: Obscure jokes make my day.

Alex: Inside jokes are the best, hands down.

Raye Morris: Awesome, great answers guys. That concludes our first Character Interview! New questions always welcome.

Have a great day!

Characters: Thank you!

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