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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Times Read: 5+

Excerpt: "In company-owned rabbit-hutch apartments live tenants who can't afford to live anywhere else, and the apartment complex in which high-school girl Hatsumi Narita lives is ruled over by the rumour mongering, self-righteous Mrs. Tachibana. Get on Tachibana's bad side, and life becomes hell. When Hatsumi has to buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is late, Mrs. Tachibana's son, Ryoki, who used to bully Hatsumi as a kid, promises not to tell the world about Hatsumi's secret if she becomes his slave. Suddenly Azusa, Hatsumi's protector in their youth, reappears to save her again! He's moving back into the neighbourhood! Despite the budding romance between Hatsumi and Azusa, Ryoki has control over her through the secret that could ruin the lives of everyone in Hatsumi's family, and he hasn't forgotten who his slave is!"

My Rambles: I honestly don't even know why I like reading this one over and over lol. There are some problematic scenes that could be triggering to people. But there's also something I just enjoy about the self-important cold guys getting embarrassed or realize they don't know what to do. It's also a bit of a enemy-to-lovers type story which is something I find amusing

Recommend: 5/10

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