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The Princess and the Goblin

Updated: Jun 20

Times Read: 2+

Excerpt: "A classic story of magic, mystery, and adventure in a fairy-tale world.

Princess Irene’s great-great-grandmother has a testing task for Curdie. Curdie will not go alone though; she provides him with a companion, the oddest and ugliest creature Curdie has ever seen, but one who turns out to be the most loyal friend he could have hoped for."

My Rambles: I watched the movie for this so much I'm surprised my VHS still works. Eventually as I got older I actually started reading the credits and found out it was based on a book, then forgot about it lol. Low and behold in my teenage years, I was walking through the college bookstore with a friend and squealed so loud that I scared someone two ilses over. My friend ended up buying me the book.

I'll be honest, 90% of the time I was imagining the movie scenes as I read/listened (I miss the cat, Turnip) I find it nice that Curdie had more songs in the book but no where near as good as the one in the movie (which is fair, he's like 12 making stuff up on the fly) The vocabulary makes me sad for the current time (book was written in 1872) words that adults now have never heard used. And not because they are old but because they are not...small. The goblins were described as ludicrously ugly. A friend a little younger than me hadn't heard ludicrously used in a sentence before. The imagery was very good and I loved that the writing style was designed for it to be read aloud, like the narrorator had heard of the events and was recalling it for you (the reader) they even break the "4th" wall a bit which was fun. It's a rather short book, so I finished, finished this, and started the next all in one day at work. The movie was actually pretty close, maybe not quite as deep but still close.

Recommend: 7/10

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