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Collection of Terran Snippets

Terran Stories: Press

Sua's Fire

The sun was rising in the garden, golden rays filtering through the flowers Kytka planted, keeping the coolness of the area trapped. Peppermint lingered on the morning dew and sandalwood wrapped around the family as Sua tilted her face to the upcoming sun. The heat was softer than ever as gunpowder clung to the receding night. Sua was one of the few wytches to come into her power without causing a disaster, the number of fire wytches even lower. Sua’s breath trembled as it clouded in her face.

“You did amazing, Sua.” Terran gave the girl a hug.

Tears of fire blurred her vision as she looked up at her older brother, “I almost lost control. You could have been hurt.”

“We were never in danger. You know I’m stronger than that. Besides, dad helped.” He laughed as he pointed at their father, a water wytch. She frowned at him and held tight anyways. Xullbryn walked closed and wrapped her children in her arms.

“Sua, you’ve always been strong. It’s ok.”

“I know, I know, it’s just that...when the door opened I felt like I was going to be thrown from my body. It took all my will to hang on and keep the fire inside.” Sua stepped out of the embrace to motion at herself. “So much fire in such a small vessel.” 

The wards around the house shuddered, the tell-tale sign of the council’s arrival. The parents looked at one another before making their way to the front door. They always presented a unified front when the council called. Terran motioned for his twin Aria to stay with Sua as he followed their parents. Chaelyn, the water wytch of the council, stood before them. A mixture of irritation and remorse crossed her face as she bowed her head to the Oussep family. “I am sorry to inform you that Enforcer Sekka’s last mission did not end as we had hoped. Our healers are trying their best but there isn’t much time left.”

The parents vanished, leaving Terran to stare down Chaelyn. “What did you have her doing?”

“I’m not at liberty to speak of it.” She gripped her cloak tightly in her hands, majik building.

“You’ll find you don’t have a choice. Tell me what you sent my sister to do.” He glared as his majik kept her from leaving. Her eyes went wide with fear and hatred.

“She was protecting Chisanu as she was supposed to do. I don’t know what else happened.” She looked away from him and he closed the distance, forcing her to meet his gaze.

“If I find out it was your doing, or any other council members, you will get nothing more from us.”

“You can’t back out of the pact.”

“Specific terms were set and if you cross that line, you lose everything.” He exhaled, letting her go and she was instantly gone.

“Sekka’s hurt?” Aria’s voice made him spin around to find his sisters staring at him, tears in their eyes. Their parents reappeared, Xullbryn sobbing as her husband held her.

“We didn’t even get to say goodbye.” Sua became a pillar of fire.

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