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Image by Samuel Ramos

She told herself it was nothing more

than a fevered dream.

But she can still feel his hands roaming

still feel his breath in her ear

She hated her mortal body 

where phantom fangs hurt her teeth

Nothing more than a fevered dream

this open window to another time.

Fevered Dream
Majikly Inhuman Collection

Who are you,

to scream my brothers name,

so loud the crows stop feasting on his eyes?

Who are you,

to scream my sisters name,

so much the wolves leave her corpse in the snow?

Who are you,

to have my lovers name on your tongue,

as you watch my family perish?

Who am I,

to question your mourning,

murder weapon in hand?

Who am I,

to laugh as I hand your soul

to a waiting god?

Who am I,

but a goddess claiming the sacrifices promised?

Who Are We?
Majikly Inhuman Collection

Passing images through touch

Passing feelings through stolen glances

If I'm so full of everyone else,

how can I know me?

Where do the others stop and I begin?

Can you tell when you look at an after-image 

or do you even see them at all?

My heart doesn't fit on my sleeve,

as I'm forced to care for those around me.

Majikly Inhuman Collection

I am constantly waiting to wake up

My ears straining to hear the beeping of an alarm

Or a heart monitor


Anything to say this isn’t real


I must have been a criminal

Because this is torture

Being stuck in a mundane life

Majik stuck in my veins screaming to get out


My skin feels tight and unfamiliar

My soul hovering in the back recess of this shell

Watching through programed eyes

Limbs are heavy


My heart is heavy


If I, with sweet demeanor, am criminal

What kind of world did I come from?

What crime could I have committed

To be given this nightmare  


I fear I’ll never wake

Majikly Inhuman Collection

Fractured light filters

through cresting waves.

Stars fall in open waters

as salt torn throats sing.

Laments that infuse your soul 

with deafening cold

a yearning for life so pure,

you offer yours in retribution.

Odes to those left behind on shore

for they were forced to watery grave

Melodies that ripple across miles,

turning to sung whispers

Echoes that sink rather than skip

until all is asunder

Majikly Inhuman Collection

Her lips were stained

with the blood of roses

velvet sapphire eyes

poured out oceans

A creature of the earth 

trapped and bound in the city scape

Man made stars devour the soul

Of majik born entities

lost in the throws of society

Death of Majik
Majikly Inhuman Collection

A creature born into mortal flesh,

soul older than written word,

tied to her earthly prison

with no control

This life the pentacle of her past selves

and they all meld together

At summer end with oldest star

war upon us near and far

secrets awaken 

lives will be taken

human and fae 

majik be as it may

Fae Side
Majikly Inhuman Collection

Build me an open temple

out in a quiet wood.

Grab stones from the oldest quarry

tell the plants its been there for centuries. 

The vines will grow and cover it in tender embraces

the grass will find its way through the floor

just to say hello

The trees will cover it, protect it from the weather that gets lonely.


Take me to the forest temple

and worship me so thoroughly

love is our only language.

Prove to me I'm a goddess in mortal flesh as we descend into thrall.

Remind the world why majik fled

at the mere sound of our names.

Uttered under silent stars

Louder than prayers yet quieter than wishes.

Forest Temple
Majikly Inhuman Collection

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