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Image by Samuel Ramos

Love is not a light emotion

It's heavy and dark

with nigh-time florals

and aether musk

Raindrops and stardust.

It reminds you that there's more 

more to life

more to the mundane

more to beauty.

Love is not a light emotion.

It's not the winter sun

Not the empty moon

Nor is it a tickling breeze 

of a springtime air.

It's heavy

In the way joy makes you burst at the seams

It's heavy 

In the way it pulls you to and fro like the tide

It's heavy

In the way it poisons you against reason

Love is not a light emotion

So do not take it with a light grip.

Do not accept it from a light mind,

hold it with heavy hands

and love with a heavy heart.

Love Scent
Lovesick Collection

Your love is so quiet

that I often can't hear.

So quiet that I can't feel

the whisper on my neck.

I'm unable to notice the

soft touches of affection.

I need you to be louder

for I don't speak silence.

Lovesick Collection

Giving up on love was never my intent.

To turn my back on so much wasted time.

Wasted in the sense that I could have loved you differently.

Could have loved you better.

To forget you is out of the question

so I'll go on loving you as a friend

Loving You Differently
Lovesick Collection

There's so many secrets 

I want to show you, 

So many questions to  ask, but

fear takes me over,

an icy hand on my heart.

I don't want my curiosities

to scare you away,

but I still want to start

Know Me
Lovesick Collection

You were a love

I wanted to keep.

Three years of waiting

and still you vanished 

after one meeting

Lovesick Collection

By the time I say goodbye

It'll have been long past due

There will be no sorrow left

Only an empty smile

I'm not happy to say goodbye

More that I need to

Good riddance feels more accurate


You'll just tell me I'm crazy again

Lovesick Collection

Has someone repeated your name 

just to get a taste for it?

to devour it over and over,

find every flavor hidden in the sound,

until you fit their pallet?

Until your name became the craving 

that drove them mad?

Have you watched someone taste your name

and wanted more?

Tasting a Name
Lovesick Collection

Does my name resonate in your head?


Do you daydream of us?


Do you get so consumed with adoration that you feel like a wave trapped in a human body?

When I call your name, my voice full of affection, does it make you smile?

Do you love me in the ways I love you?

Do You Love Me Like I love You?
Lovesick Collection

I fell in love with you.

The way the leaves fall in autumn.

The way the ocean reaches

for the shore every day.

The way the night and day

chase each other.




The Way I Fell In Love
Lovesick Collection

You caress my fears and insecurities.

Like a love in a dance, hand on my waist, words in my mind.

I can't escape.

Around and around we twirl

around and around I spiral.

Your sweet heart keeps me from falling.

But I can't find the truth there.

Where will I find you 

at the music's end?

Lovesick Collection

You were the dream from which I never wanted to wake.

The fevered dream that kept me from sleep.

The one person I set my heart on thinking it wouldn't fail.

A thousand days and you're still on my mind. 

Every time I turn around, it's with a thought of you.

I can't find the right words for this longing.

I've never had your touch to crave it

Never felt your kiss to need it.

But that doesn't stop me

from dreaming of you.

Dreaming of You
Lovesick Collection

I find myself shattering

Falling into poetic pieces

Each broken shard a new tempo

Each laceration a new alliteration

A new stanza for each person

my heart encased

A repetition of sounds and syllables

Ever fluctuating in the metaphor

But explaining the loves becomes a simile.

But there's no smiles as the light dims

no music to fade out as the stage crumbles

beneath feet of betrayal

because I opened myself to the pain

of loving my new poem

Love Poem
Lovesick Collection

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