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Image by Samuel Ramos

I grabbed a pen

for it to turn to lead

pressing down into my hand

my fingers numb with the weight

All I want is to write

get these pictures in my head

onto a page as beautiful words

convincing passages

acceptable lies

needed truths

I grabbed a pen only for it to turn to lead

too heavy to lift

again, I'll get no writing done...

Lead Pen
Writer's Life Collection

Writers block born of depression.

Original inspiration holds not interest

Death of a muse makes it harder

to lose oneself in the music

pages pile up in your head

by feeling alone

but the words don't come

Can't focus on a paragraph

can't focus on a scene



Writer's Life Collection

I write because I can't contain myself.

Because I can't remember.

I write to not feel so strongly

To not feel so alone.

I write for myself, to prove I can.

For myself so  I can escape.

I write for you, so you can 

hear the words I can't say.

So you can tell when I'm not ok.

I write because I can't see myself doing anything else

Why I Write
Writer's Life Collection

A writers lifestyle must take a 

backseat to reality.

And by backseat, I mean the 

floorboard between the two.

And like toddler or teenage mischief, 

You'll find it between the driver and passenger seat.

Eventually, we'll be found driving

driving reality insane with a plethora of ideas.

With a writers lifestyle

Writer's Driving
Writer's Life Collection

Is it really that hard to look at me?

Are you incapable of speaking to me?

Of my creations

of my ideas

of my dreams

I want your feedback

I want your praise

I want your criticism

Your realism...

I'm tired of wading through placations

I'm tired of drowning in a sea of silence

I'm tired of burning in rejcetions

Writer's Life Collection

What does it mean to want to be somewhere?

What does it mean when you look at your dreams

and you just...

wonder why...

wonder what then?

Why dream at all, what will you gain?

It's not a question of if or when you'll gain it

when you'll make it


then what?

Why did you want it in the first place?

Aside from money, aside from fame, aside from prestige

What do you get for yourself?


How long does satisfaction last?

And is it worth it?

What Do Dreams Mean?
Writer's Life Collection

If you ever wonder why a writer is broke,

it's not because we haven't made it.

take a look at their bookshelves and how full it is,

how many hardbacks they have.

Look at their desks and how many unused notebooks litters the drawers, the cute and unique writing utensils lay around.

And don't even look at the caffeine receipts

Why We Are Broke
Writer's Life Collection

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