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Image by Samuel Ramos

You're like the tide

incessantly crashing on the shore,

in a moment of insanity.

hoping with each movement,

you're either washed up on the sand

or lulled into the depths of the ocean.

You ask for that cold embrace like it'll return

you to the land of the living

Tide of the Mind
Depression Collection

All I feel is despair

as it turns to ash on my tongue.

Every dream, every hope

held in a noose of spider silk.

Words get stuck in my throat

before they can manifest

their value deemed useless.

Ineffective, unnecessary, uncalled for.

And I am nothing more than

an unsaid conversation

held together by sparkling thread.

Depression Collection

I flirt with suicide

like I haven't had a hundred lovers

Lean into its embrace to tease, 

only to step away with scars on my skin

Scars on my mind

An intimate dance

An intimate quarrel

Screaming on the edge 

Trying to escape the pounding my head

The thrum in my veins,

that looks for any opening

begs for me to let it see the moonlight

I shouldn't court suicide.

Worst Flirt
Depression Collection

My soul wears

a psychotic smile

so be careful when you 

look into my eyes

The mercury tears

aren't to hid it

because the madness







Mercury Tears
Depression Collection

I came running to you

with ice in my veins

fire on my skin

I forgot how to breathe

as you watched me succumb to the pain.

No Help
Depression Collection

The streets are flooded

with the rosé of the setting sun

And I'm drunk on thoughts

of suicide

Lost Thoughts
Depression Collection

White out room, void of the safe darkness.

Black simple dress, 

comforting in its coolness.

Red vibrant string, 

made from fates energy 

and the blood of its owner.

She bent over a knot, tears falling, knowing she'll never find them.

Red String
Depression Collection

Screams fill her head

day and night

And not once did she cry out for help

Not once did she try to silence them

She just let herself drown

Depression Collection

I have such fine lines

You can cross them with your fingertips

One line a mere accident

you can hardly notice

one surgical white line

only a lovers chance to see

one hidden line

that even I won't be

Depression Collection

I woke with the sun, 

but it was not from sleep

That I escaped.

I woke with the summer sky,

but it was not from a broken heart

that I arose.

I woke from a clouded mind, 

As depression fell into slumber,

realization rang clear.

I was free of the chains 

from the me that surfaces when I blink

Today, I can exist happily

I Awoke
Depression Collection

If you keep giving me time

your absence will no longer 

cause me sadness.

But in doing so

you'll stop bringing me joy.

Warning or Reminder
I'll be Alright
Depression Collection

There are blissful days in which I forget

Forget how much self hatred is contained in this heart of mine.

Days I Forget
Depression Collection

I have fallen into the abyss,

so deep I could no longer see.

but I always find myself

back on the edge,

facing the other way.

I have tripped into my thoughts

so violently I come away

with scraped knees,

the flesh of my palms

broken and bleeding.

but my blood runs black

because I stared for too long

Depression Collection

I travers the loom of life

with an unanchored thread.

So with each decision

I watch my tapestry unravel.

Depression Collection

When I'm with you

I can't forget how he made me feel

I can't help but respond in the ways he wanted

And I know it will drive you away.

But I can't stop saying I'm sorry.

For every little thing.

When you don't speak for days

I should ask if you're ok

But I think I've done something wrong.

I feel at fault for an imagined slight.

You could give me nothing but joy

and I would still think I did something wrong.

The Way He Made Me Feel
Depression Collection

Your pain is only for today

It will vanish before

it devours you

Though it won't seem that way.

You're a rainbow.

A burst of laughter

You're alive

My pain is a grandfather clock

passed down for generations.

A little broken but guaranteed to chime.

Can't rid myself of an inheritance.

I'm the winter sky

The vastness of the ocean

And I'll always exist.

Comparing Pain
Depression Collection

It all begins to feel like nothing.

It's not my anger that should be feared,

as catastrophic as it can be.

It's the sadness that dwells in my soul

that should cause you to tremble.

It's the tears that will flow

until you drown in my sorrows.


The demons that escape,

that should cause hope.

But we all know wouldn't last

It was the darkness of my being

that was supposed to protect me

from the carelessness that is you

Sad Demons
Depression Collection

It was a quiet despair

as the silence took over the mind

letting it all rot

A quiet despair

as the room emptied

leaving a heart full of loneliness

A quiet despair

as what was left

became a void

A Quiet Despair
Depression Collection

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